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fuseo is a collective of talented musicians driven by a shared passion for creating unique and boundary-pushing pop music. 
The group brings together a mixture of longtime experienced musicians, songwriters, and producers to create modern pop songs which embrace a diverse retro feel. 
The combination of samples, programming and the liveliness of real musicians playing, create the unique signature sound of the project.

Robert Kiesel, (Munich, Germany)
Robert is fuseo's accomplished keyboardist and producer, bringing a wealth of musical styles and influences to the table. His captivating melodies, creative sound design and ingenious arrangements define the band's unique sound, captivating listeners with every note.

Benjamin Baruteaud, (Strasbourg, France)
Benjamin is a longtime singer in Rock bands around Strasbourg and is known as is a talented topliner. His awareness of combining melodies and lyrics is a driving force behind the band's captivating music. With his infallible intuition, boundless creativity, Benjamin adds depth and richness to the band's sound.

Christian Gobbel, (Munich, Germany)
Christian is the drummer and producer who brings the beat to life. His expert playing and innovative approach contributes to the unique and memorable compositions that define the musical identity of the project. As a world-renowned audio expert, Christian has been responsible for the sound design of large broadcast events. Christian´s distinct skills and knowledge further contribute to the organic sounds of fuseo.

Robert´s and Christian´s production reflects the dedication and passion for the project to create an electrifying and immersive musical experience.

Julian Feifel, (Los Angeles, California)
Julian is a German music producer, composer, guitarist, and singer based in Los Angeles, California. Julian’s talents have garnered recognition and acclaim as a multi- platinum-selling producer, singer, and guitarist extraordinaire. Julian is an extremely versatile musician who has made a significant impact in the music industry and has received two (2) RIAA Gold awards.

Julian’s songwriting and production expertise can be heard on more than 40 million Streams on Spotify Julian’s diverse discography and collaborations showcase his passion and dedication to his craft which makes him a great addition to the fuseo family.

Sean Michael Murray, (Nashville, Tennessee)
Sean is the lead singer who brings the captivating voice and soulful performances to the band fuseo. Sean’s talent has allowed him to connect with listeners on a profound level, forging a strong emotional bond through his music. Sean has achieved remarkable success with a string of successful singles and performances under his belt through his career allowing him to garner widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Sean’s contributions to fuseo have been instrumental in shaping the band's unique sound which will create a lasting impact in the music industry.

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